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Notes about reoptimize timer

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Rs Mpls-Te
Step by step the ladder is ascended
reoptimize timers delay cleanup 60
reoptimize timers delay installation 60
reoptimize timers delay path-protection 50 

Install delay:
How much time the head end waits before it "activates" the reoptimized LSP after receiving the RESV. This gives some time to mid/tail nodes to program their fowardng.

Cleanup delay:
How much time the "old" LSP is kept around after the new reoptimize LSP has been installed. This makes sure there's no longer and traffic flowing over the "old" LSP before tearing it down

Delays the time between path protection switchover event and tunnel reoptimization. 

//default values:

cleanup delay: 20
installation delay: 20
path-protection: 180 
  • 2021-0709 更新

#### 测试log 记录:

RP/0/0/CPU0:Jul  8 15:52:32.563 UTC: ifmgr[228]: %PKT_INFRA-LINK-5-CHANGED : Interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/2, changed state to Administratively Down 
RP/0/0/CPU0:Jul  8 15:52:32.943 UTC: config[65746]: %MGBL-CONFIG-6-DB_COMMIT : Configuration committed by user 'cisco'. Use 'show configuration commit changes 1000000036' to view the changes. 

RP/0/0/CPU0:BR02_R2#                                           show mpls traff$
Thu Jul  8 15:53:55.588 UTC

           Tunnel   LSP     Destination          Source    Tun    FRR  LSP  Path
             Name    ID         Address         Address  State  State Role  Prot
----------------- ----- --------------- --------------- ------ ------ ---- -----
       tunnel-te1    22     up  Inact Head Ready
       tunnel-te1    23     up  Inact Head Ready

Jul  8 15:52:32.583 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 6# t1  T:1, Type:TE, switchover Successful (L:21->L:22) reason:Path Error with PSR flag Rcvd

Jul  8 15:55:32.601 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 5# t1  T:1, Type:TE, pp reopt timer expired. scheduling for reoptimization

Jul  8 15:55:32.601 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 11# t1  T:1, Type:TE, [REOPT] L:24, better cumulative metric
Jul  8 15:55:32.681 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 7# t1  T:1, Type:TE, started install timer:20 secs, 100 msec, [CURRENT] L:22, [REOPT] L:24

Jul  8 15:55:52.799 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 16# t1  T:1, Type:TE, Tunnel RW now owned by LSP id 24
Jul  8 15:55:52.799 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 5# t1  T:1, Type:TE, install timer expired; install RW for [REOPT] L:24 and start cleanup timer:20 secs

Jul  8 15:55:52.799 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 5# t1  T:1, Type:TE, pp lspid(22) does not match the lspid of the current lsp(24), stdby L:23
Jul  8 15:55:52.979 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 168# t15 Type:p2p, head, STANDBY, T:1, L:25, S:, E:, D:, Sent event (PATH)
Jul  8 15:55:52.959 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 14# t1  T:1, Type:TE, standby LSP (diversity type:6) up (Curr L:24, standby L:25)

Jul  8 15:56:12.918 mpls_te/unique 0/0/CPU0 31# t1  ADMISSION:3972: rrr_lm_destroy_s2l: Destroying  T:1, L:22 [4 tunnels total left, p2mp 4294967295]

RP/0/0/CPU0:BR02_R2#show mpls traffic-eng tunnels 1 
Thu Jul  8 16:41:34.432 UTC

Name: tunnel-te1  Destination:  Ifhandle:0x70 
  Signalled-Name: BR02_R2_t1
    Admin:    up Oper:   up   Path:  valid   Signalling: connected

    path option 100,  type dynamic  (Basis for Setup, path weight 10000)
      Accumulative metrics: TE 10000 IGP 10000 Delay 300000 
    path option 100,  type dynamic  (Basis for Standby, path weight 20000)
      Accumulative metrics: TE 20000 IGP 20000 Delay 600000 
    path option 200,  type dynamic 
    G-PID: 0x0800 (derived from egress interface properties)
    Bandwidth Requested: 0 kbps  CT0
    Creation Time: Thu Jul  8 09:41:49 2021 (06:59:45 ago)
  Config Parameters:
    Bandwidth:        0 kbps (CT0) Priority:  7  7 Affinity: 0x0/0xffff
    Metric Type: TE (global)
    Path Selection:
      Tiebreaker: Min-fill (default)
    Hop-limit: disabled
    Cost-limit: disabled
    Delay-limit: disabled
    Path-invalidation timeout: 10000 msec (default), Action: Tear (default)
    AutoRoute:  enabled  LockDown: disabled   Policy class: not set
    Forward class: 0 (not enabled)
    Forwarding-Adjacency: disabled
    Autoroute Destinations: 0
    Loadshare:          0 equal loadshares
    Auto-bw: disabled
    Auto-Capacity: Disabled:
    Fast Reroute: Disabled, Protection Desired: None
    Path Protection: Enabled
    BFD Fast Detection: Disabled
    Reoptimization after affinity failure: Enabled
    Soft Preemption: Disabled
    Tunnel has been up for: 03:05:18 (since Thu Jul 08 13:36:16 UTC 2021)
    Current LSP:
      Uptime: 00:46:02 (since Thu Jul 08 15:55:32 UTC 2021)
    Reopt. LSP:
      Last Failure:
        LSP not signalled, identical to the [CURRENT] LSP
        Date/Time: Thu Jul 08 12:03:02 UTC 2021 [04:38:32 ago]
    Standby Reopt LSP:
      Last Failure:
        LSP not signalled, identical to the [STANDBY] LSP
        Date/Time: Thu Jul 08 12:03:02 UTC 2021 [04:38:32 ago]
        First Destination Failed:
    Prior LSP:
      ID: 22 Path Option: 100
      Removal Trigger: reoptimization completed
    Standby LSP:
      Uptime: 00:45:42 (since Thu Jul 08 15:55:52 UTC 2021)

  Path info (IS-IS 1 level-2):
  Node hop count: 1

  Standby LSP Path info (IS-IS 1 level-2), Oper State: Up :
  Node hop count: 2

Note: 系统会每间隔一定时间默认3600s进行重优化, 使用以下命令查看下一次重优化时间:

RP/0/0/CPU0:BR02_R2#show mpls traffic-eng tunnels summary  | in reop
Thu Jul  8 17:50:49.477 UTC
          Periodic reoptimization:  every 180 seconds, next in 130 seconds