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Provision New Branch - VMware SDWAN

·1 min
VMware SDWAN Velo Cloud Velo

Provision a new branch with VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator.

  1. Log in to VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator.

alt text

Disregard this step if you are already logged in.

alt text

  1. Select Configure > Edges in the navigation pane on the left.

alt text

  1. On the Edges page, select ADD Edge.

alt text

The Provision ADD Edge configuration page appears.

alt text

  1. Enter LAB-VCE-01 in the Name text box.

  2. In the Model drop-down menu, select Virtual Edge.

  3. In the Profile drop-down menu, select Branch Internet Only Profile.

  4. In the Authentication drop-down menu, select Certificate Disabled.

  5. In the Edge License drop-down menu, select POC | 10 Gbps | North America.

alt text

  1. Scroll down and click add edge.

The This Edge has been provisioned message appears.

It is not necessary to click Save Changes.

alt text

In our productive environment, need to set Location as well.