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How to add License at eXR platform

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Rs License
Step by step the ladder is ascended

Currently we have two ways to install the license.One is “Traditional Licensing” and the other is “Smart Software Licensing”.But at Cisco eXR platform(64-bit IOS XR), we can only use “Smart Software Licensing”.

Smart License

Before add a Smart Software License, you need to generate a product instance registration token first.Below is a way to create a useful token.

  • Go to the Cisco Smart license page.
  • Clicking License > Smart Software Licensing.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Click the New Token button.
  • Click Create Token.
  • Then copy the Token ID

alt text

Then,You need make sure your router can connect internet and “ping” sucessful.

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R1-9901#show run domain name-server
Fri Jun 28 04:06:39.200 UTC
domain name-server

Now, You can login your eXR router,and enter below configuration.

service active
contact smart-licensing
profile CiscoTAC-1
  destination address http
  reporting smart-licensing-data
  destination transport-method http

(config)# crypto ca trustpool policy
(config-trustpool)#crl optional

license smart register idtoken <token ID>

Use call-home to connect to the CISCO License servers and validate the license entitlement. This could be done using HTTP or HTTPs. As HTTP was an unreliable connection, We recommend using HTTPs.

The configuration example was used HTTPs connection, Also you must install " k9sec" packet at your router.

The following is the output after successful configuration.

alt text

Please note, The router will request the relevant license only after you enable the related feature.For example:
A9K-24P10G-IVRF, If we configure less than 8 different VRFs we will consume this license.(<=)
A9K-24P10G-AIP-TR, if we configuration more than 8 different VRFs we will consume this license. (>)

For example, if you purchase an A9K-24P10G-AIP-TR,how to quickly check whether the router can consume this license, hear is a suggestion, Please software loopback one PHY port and configuration > 8 sub-interface which belong to different VRF (need configuration IP Address). Then you need to wait at least 24 hours (reason was,router will report the license required information for Cisco website every 24h.)

Commonly used commands

#show license all
#show license platform trace  all
#show call-home detail
#show license status
#show license summary
#show license platform detail