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CISCO 8000 - How to install SMU under XR7

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Step by step the ladder is ascended
IOS-XR-Upgrade - This article is part of a series.
Part 7: This Article


I have several posts regarding CISCO 8000 software installation shown below:

The most important is to understand how to use a local repository or remote repository.

This article also applies to other products using XR7, such as some NCS540.

SMU install (Use local repository)

Copy all SMU file to the local folder, in this case, i create a folder named “repo” under harddisk:

8000-7.3.15.CSCvw58830.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy35867.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx48017.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy42027.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx50864.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy43997.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx68887.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy52710.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx76463.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy53516.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx84404.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy55726.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvx99992.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy61939.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy06576.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy66996.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy12145.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy67283.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy14896.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy72415.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy16526.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy73299.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy16725.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvy77182.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy17864.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvz04661.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy24941.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvz25325.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy26732.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvz45349.tar
8000-7.3.15.CSCvy33251.tar  8000-7.3.15.CSCvz67583.tar

then try unzip all the smu file buy use two simple shell script:

[node0_RP0_CPU0:/harddisk:/repo]$for tar in *.tar; do tar -xvf $tar; done

[node0_RP0_CPU0:/harddisk:/repo]$for tar in *.tgz; do tar -xvf $tar; done

Config the local repository with the path “file:///harddisk:/repo/”

Thu Oct  7 06:36:45.111 UTC
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:8201-01(config-install)#no repository remo-repo
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:8201-01(config-install)#repository local-repo
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:8201-01(config-repository)#url file:///harddisk:/repo/
Thu Oct  7 06:38:04.997 UTC

We have two command to check the SMU in the local repository:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#show install available
Thu Oct  7 06:38:10.721 UTC
Trying to access repositories...

Package                                              Architecture                         Version Repository                          Cached
---------------------------------------------------- ---------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------------- ------
xr-8000-bmc                                          x86_64                        7.3.15v1.0.1-1 local-repo
xr-8000-bmc                                          x86_64                        7.3.15v1.0.2-1 local-repo
xr-8000-bmc                                          x86_64                        7.3.15v1.0.3-1 local-repo
xr-8000-bmc                                          x86_64                        7.3.15v1.0.4-1 local-repo
xr-8000-core                                         x86_64                        7.3.15v1.0.1-1 local-repo

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#show install fixes available
Thu Oct  7 06:38:31.839 UTC
Trying to access repositories...

Available Fixes (count: 33):
Bug Id      Packages                                                    Repository                               Cached
----------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------
CSCvw58830  xr-rpl-7.3.15v1.0.1-1                                       local-repo
CSCvx48017  xr-security-7.3.15v1.0.2-1                                  local-repo
CSCvx50864  xr-bundles-7.3.15v1.0.1-1                                   local-repo
CSCvx68887  xr-8000-core-7.3.15v1.0.3-1                                 local-repo
            xr-8000-core-7.3.15v1.0.4-1                                 local-repo
            xr-8000-core-7.3.15v1.0.5-1                                 local-repo
            xr-spi-core-7.3.15v1.0.1-1                                  local-repo
            xr-spi-core-7.3.15v1.0.2-1                                  local-repo

We have there way to install the smu we want:

install package add cisco-CSCab12345install a special SMU
install package upgrade xr-coreinstall cups of smu to fix special component
install package upgradeinstall all the smu under your repository

Here is an example to install all the smu under repository:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#install package upgrade
Thu Oct  7 06:38:50.536 UTC
Install upgrade operation 38.1.1 has started
Install operation will continue in the background
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#show install request
Thu Oct  7 06:39:01.467 UTC

User request: install package upgrade
Operation ID: 38.1.1
State:        In progress since 2021-10-07 06:38:50 UTC

Current activity:    Begin transaction
Next activity:       Begin atomic operation
Time started:        2021-10-07 06:38:54

No per-location information.

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#show install request
Thu Oct  7 06:41:43.859 UTC

User request: install package upgrade
Operation ID: 38.1.1
State:        In progress since 2021-10-07 06:38:50 UTC

Current activity:    Package add or other package operation
Next activity:       Await user input
Time started:        2021-10-07 06:40:45
Timeout in:          39m 0s
Locations responded: 0/1

Location          Packaging operation stage Notification Phase Clients responded
----------------- ------------------------- ------------------ -----------------
0/RP0/CPU0        Package operations        None in progress                 N/A
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#show install request
Thu Oct  7 06:43:07.645 UTC

User request: install package upgrade
Operation ID: 38.1.1
State:        Success since 2021-10-07 06:42:51 UTC

Current activity:    Await user input
Time started:        2021-10-07 06:42:52

The following actions are available:
    install package add
    install package remove
    install package upgrade
    install package downgrade
    install package replace
    install package rollback
    install package abort latest
    install package abort all-since-apply
    install apply reload

SMU apply and commit

after install, use “install apply” to active the SMU , this action may need reload the router.

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#install apply synchronous         ins
Thu Oct  7 06:46:54.637 UTC
Once the packaging dependencies have been determined, the install operation may have to reload the system.
If you want more control of the operation, then explicitly use 'install apply restart' or 'install apply reload' as reported by 'show install request'.
Continue? [yes/no]:[yes] yes
  install apply reload
Atomic change 38.1
Press Ctrl-C to return to the exec prompt. This will not cancel the install operation

Current activity: Initializing
Current activity: Apply by reloadRP/0/RP0/CPU0:Oct  7 06:47:01.971 UTC: instorch[154]: %INFRA-INSTALL-2-SYSTEM_RELOAD : As part of an install operation, a full system reload will take place in order to apply the installed software.
Preparing system for backup. This may take a few minutes especially for large configurations.
        Status report: node0_RP0_CPU0: START TO BACKUP
        Status report: node0_RP0_CPU0: BACKUP HAS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY
......[13068.510009] do_IRQ: 0.196 No irq handler for vector

Don’t forgot “install commit” after router reload:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:MXC.TAC.L.08-8201-01#install commit
Thu Oct  7 06:55:51.414 UTC
Install commit operation 38 has started
Install operation will continue in the background
IOS-XR-Upgrade - This article is part of a series.
Part 7: This Article